dinsdag, juli 08, 2008

Obama en GIS

Met GIS kennis kun je nog interessant vrijwilligerswerk doen, zoals in het onderstaand bericht te lezen is. Wellicht dat Balkenende of Bos hier nog iets mee kan? Wilders misschien om zijn islamitische vrienden in kaart te brengen?

Students with GIS experience can put their skills to use as a volunteer for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

GIS Intern, Barack Obama Campaign Office, Chicago (March 17, 2008)
The Barack Obama campaign is looking for a few good GIS interns in our Chicago office. Campaigns are spatially based and, while offering no pay, these positions present an opportunity to learn some creative applications of GIS and help out a great candidate. Good ArcGIS skills required, minimum 10 hours a week and it would be preferable if you had your own license/computer setup. The specific projects will range from straightforward map creation to complex analytical work with large datasets. If you're an Obama supporter and looking for a way to use your specialized skills to help out please contact Patrick DeTemple at pdetemple@barackobama.com

Bron: tbaker on Jobs

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